Friday, January 25, 2008

Who Is Jo-Wilfried Tsonga?

In a post yesterday, I was assuming a Roger-Rafa final in the Australian open. Boring that would be, but that would have been the case if not for some miracle. Well, not really a miracle. It's a massacre. Tsonga fried Nadal in three straight sets. And the game was not even close.

With Nadal out of the picture, whoever Tsonga faces next should be in for a surprise. I still have no clear idea about who Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is. All I know is that, he broke the hearts of the many Rafa fans. I hope he won't break Fed's fans soon.


Swipe said...

he won't be breaking the hearts of federer fans. djokovic already did that.

lazarus said...

yeah, so sad.

Francesca said...

TSONGA is french.Mother french , father black.
Due to play in one hour french time against djokovic.
Djokovic lives in Monaco.
They are rich!!!
utangan natin, haha!