Monday, January 21, 2008

A Taste For Wines

The father of a friend has this mini-bar at their rest house. I was really amazed at his variety of local and imported collection of wines and alcoholic beverages. Our friend says that his father is fond of collecting these but most of the time, he drinks alone. Though there are times when he asks his few friends to come over and drink with him. He added that these are mostly for display.

I don’t necessarily drink alcoholic beverages but I love the sweet taste of red wine. For me, it’s like drinking grape juice with a sting on the tongue and the throat. When I receive a bottle of wine on special occasions, I’d usually consume it for myself. So that means that I only consume 5-7 bottles a year. I don’t remember tasting white wine, and even if I did, I could not remember its taste. is a wine site that helps you discover your taste for wines. They can make personal recommendations and match your taste with the specific wine. You can also read reviews and purchase wines online.


Josh of Arabia said...

husay mo talgang magdivert ng personal post to pro..

as u r fond of redwine, I loathed it a lot since the latter is the No. 1 enemy-trigger of migraine.

as per white wine, a bit ok, i went for Pinot blanc (melon & apricot flavored) to pair w/ seafoods!

Lazarus said...

josh, sooner or later we'd write posts like these, even without the sponsor. The ads just hastened the write-up. The red white is great for steak. i'll try white wine soon.