Saturday, January 19, 2008

Selling Online

Creating an online store is part of my medium-range plan aside from the goal of owning my own domain, which I think I should purchase within this quarter. I’ve been toying with these ideas since last quarter of 2007, but it has not yet reached to the point of obsession or conclusion.

I believe in the future of ecommerce. A friend and I exchanged ideas about the matter but he still prefers the traditional one. “I’ll sell your products online. Give me your best price” I told him. “Sure” he replied.

For a start, a small online business would be appropriate. Then add an innovative ecommerce software to it, like the Ashop commerce shopping cart software. It has world-class features and easy to set up. You don’t need extensive experience to set up your software. Free technical support is readily available. Ashop Commerce, a leading provider of ecommerce solutions, offers a complete package for one to sell online.

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