Thursday, January 10, 2008

Finding The “Right One” In The Internet World

An aunt (cousin of my father) came to our house one day and sought help from my Dad. She claimed that a drug-crazy neighbor raped her. Not just once, but many times. “Was it really rape? Why was it repeated?” my dad asked. Despite the tears, she managed to giggle when asked about the repetition. “A willing victim” I thought. But I just kept it to myself so as not to interrupt the drama.

She told us of her predicament: How to tell her parents that she’s pregnant as result of the rape. She refused to file a suit against the perpetrator. Funny she even vowed never to fall in love with a fellow Pinoy again. My dad gave her comforting words of advice and helped her talk to her parents. Her parents, upon hearing the news of her pregnancy, were overjoyed. They did not even mind that she was raped and that the child will grow up without a father. It’s their first grandchild and that was all that mattered.

After years of raising the child alone, and most of the time, leaving the kid to her parents, she enlisted herself in the many online dating sites with internet matchmaking service. One email from a guy in New York changed the course of her destiny. She’s now happily married and her lovable kid adopted by her husband. They are now living in New York.

The above is a true story of how singles can meet up online with another person in another part of the world. 5 Star have compiled a complete list of the best internet dating services and matchmaking web sites for everyone to try. If you want a Christian date, they also have a list of the sites offering avenues for single Christians to meet. Or maybe you just want online matchmaking and see if there is really chemistry. They have a list of that too.

But who knows? The right one could be that person you know offline but taken for granted because of your search online. The time to love is short, my friends.

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Miss F said...

what a nice heart warming story. I am happy about your aunt. ^^*

I myself dated so many guys I met at different dating sites. I fell in love w/ two (my 1st and 2nd boyfriends).

although about 80% of these men I met (mostly from filipino friendfinder) are bored married guys working in Makati who just wanna spice up their sex lives.