Saturday, January 12, 2008

Save On Ink

We got a lot of inkjet printers here in our office. Sometimes, when we are not careful in our ink usage like unauthorized printing of colored pictures or failing to print in draft mode for inter-office use, our expenses will surely exceed the budget. And this raises the eyebrows of those on top when they examine and scrutinize the monthly expenses as against the budget.

Do you know how much an ink cartridge for inkjet printer costs? It isn’t cheap. That is why some offices still utilizes the dot matrix printers, despite the inferior print quality.

But there are other ways to save ink on inkjets. First is to institute a more efficient paperless filing system. But you really need to have hard copies of the very important documents. Second is to put in place cost-cutting measures like setting as default the “print in draft mode” and using only black ink. Third, and which I think is most important, is to buy from cheap sources.

At, they list online stores that sell ink cartridges and laser toners for large discounts. The site also lists coupon codes and discount promotions from these stores so that the buyer can even save more. They have pages on major printer brands too: Cannon, HP, Epson, Brother, Dell and Lexmark.

Cut down on printer ink expenses now.

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