Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Missing Someone On Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Someone even had a countdown displayed on his blog site. Starting the first day of February, everyone else’s activities would be geared towards a romantic mood.

Good if you have someone with you to hold hands with, or to hug and to kiss, or to have that candle-lighted dinner surrounded with a wonderful ambience. Maybe it would be an opportunity for you to ask the girl you pursue to a valentine’s date. Or you can just be subtle by suggesting a group date. So many valentines idea can pop up in one’s head when one is in love.

But what if that someone is far away? Can you just whisper in the wind and hope that by thru telepathic means he or she would hear you say, “I miss you and I love you”? Say it through a phone call, write a long letter, or do whatever means to get the message across and send it straight to the heart.


vernaloo said...

haynaku...valentines na naman...hehe

Laz said...

advertise mo. i'm sure there would be takers. hehe. but seriously, no need to be sad about it. take it in stride. mr. right will come, hoping his first name isn't "Always".

ghee said...

waahhh,bat di ko na feel ang valentines day?? hehe

im looking for the tag,Lazarus :)

Rey said...

Valentines naman lagi imong tema, sho? Sayuha gud?

Hehe, kidding aside, distance can make you feel so empty. Especially if that someone you miss means a great deal emotionally. I used to feel like that for three years before my family came to join me here.

lazarus said...

ghee, you'll feel it in the coming days.

rey, mao lagi valentines na. hehe. good thing u now have your family with you.