Friday, January 04, 2008

The Australian Temptation

Six of my ex-colleagues now live in Australia. Four of my wife’s cousins happily reside there too. They speak wonderfully about the place and even invited us to try our luck at this thinly populated continent. The idea is really very attractive.

But what attracts me most every time I see pictures of Australia are the sites at the Gold Coast: The blue skylines, theme parks, the beachgoers, surfers and the long shore lines. I can imagine myself trying at a surf board or just lying flat on the beach. The hotels in Gold Coast seem like a stone-throw away from the sea. I can imagine exhilarating views of the ocean, the sunrise and the horizon.

Within Gold Coast is Surfers Paradise. It’s not only the surfers that go there, but also the tourists. One should not miss out this beautiful place. There are enough hotels in Surfers Paradise and it is not difficult finding an affordable one.

And if one is planning to visit South Australia, tasting the produce of local wineries, or just exploring what the place offers, finding hotels in Adelaide is not a problem. Check out Cheaperthanhotels for cheaper and great-value accommodations in Australia and in many parts of the world.

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