Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A Poem From A Hopeless Romantic

Funny I found my notebook containing poems I wrote between 1995 and 2000.

Here’s one untitled poem from a hopeless romantic.

We spoke in tongues
Yet I did not hear love
Mouthed in whatever words
Comprehensible to the heart.

Your reluctant smile did not mean at all
So our feelings never met,
And with your eyes staring at the floor,
You whispered “Can we still be friends?”

But I walked away,
Under the starry but moonless night
Whistling hollow tunes to the wind,
Shrugging aside the friendship we once had.


jho said...

hopeless romantic nga. :D

gandang umaga!

lazarus said...

good morning to you too, jho!

CM said...

ganda naman nag pagkakasulat kaya lang ang sad. Hehehe. :)

Annamanila said...

It seems that love ... even love turned cold or stale ... makes one wax poetic. Here's to love, past present and to come.

Lazarus said...

CM, it can be sad, but it can also be liberating.

anna, this one was written probably in 1996, without necessarily an object of affection. Hopeless nga, imagined lang. ha ha.

Francesca said...

Para kang frenchman,lol