Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Need Sleep?

I never had sleeping disorders. I can doze off in minutes, even with a loud noise nearby. Sleepless nights are very rare for me, unless I really decide to stay awake like doing reports needed the next day, or waiting for an early morning flight.

But I heard of people who can’t sleep at night. One is a cousin who stays up all night chatting on the internet. She claims to be an insomniac even taking some pills on certain days to help her relax and sleep. Another friend just watches TV whole night until she gets to sleep around 5am and wakes up again at 8am. Both really need insomnia help.

At this site, http://www.sleep-deprivation-cd.com/, Mr. Bradley Thompson claims that he can scientifically cure your sleep deprivation by offering CD recordings with binaural beats. When listening to his CDs, one gets into a deep state of relaxation and then doze off in minutes. His website has a list of testimonies from satisfied customers. Right now, he is even offering big discounts and free shipping to international buyers. Money can buy sleep these days.

With a really good night sleep, you can wake up so alive and refreshed.

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KoTa said...

Sounds like something useful to me, maybe I should try buying one of these cds... =]